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Monday, April 4, 2011

I Welcome ME Back! :D

Most of you probably noticed my blog being in hiatus mode for a week. I really apologize for not being online the past week. My computer gave up on me a few days back. I didn't have time to fix it. I actually didn't know how to fix my computer so I had a friend of mine come to my house and do the magic! :D

My computer is now good as new! The sad thing is, I lost all my documents and pictures because I did the reformatting incorrectly. Sigh! My friend was too late to save them. But I'm still glad I had my laptop back up and running! Thank goodness! It's so hard not being able to go online! You know how it feels, right? :D

I welcome ME back! LOL!


Lainy said...

Buti naman ok na bang. WB! Advance hapi burpday, MWah!

Russ said...

I welcome you back also. And yes I know how it feels.

Russ said...

I hope you had a wonderful Birthday Ally.

ally said...

@Lainy and Russ,

Thanks for the greetings! TC! :D