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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shopping Buddy...

I did some shopping yesterday with my friend, Raquel. I needed to buy stuffs for this weekend's event. I was already worried about my budget. Since I'm jobless, I need to be very careful with my spending. I'm glad Raquel was with me yesterday. I was able to buy the things I need in a cheap and reasonable price.

She brought me to St. Francis Mall. They actually have almost everything over there. From accessories to clothing and shoes, even nice maternity clothing and summer wears are all over the place. Raquel was even very good in bidding the prices down. I'm just so happy she was with me. I was able to buy extra clothes because I ended up having enough money to buy them!

We made a deal that if we are going to shop again, we have to go together! Raquel indeed is one of the best shopping buddy ever! :D

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Trisha said...

Wow great stories about friendship, I've been looking for a short story like this that I shall include to my college report. Thanks