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Monday, April 25, 2011

Unable To Donate Blood... :(

Last Saturday, I woke up early because I was invited to participate in blood letting at New Era University. It's also one of our activities at Church. I was really excited about it because I have been wanting to donate some of my blood since last year. I thought to myself, I can finally help others by donating my blood.

Much to my dismay, when we got to the school where blood letting was going on, I didn't pass on the weighing. They don't allow those who are below 50 kilos. Unfortunately, I only weigh 49.5 kilos. I was really disappointed. I even insisted, ate at a nearby restaurant, hoping to increase my weight. But to no avail! I just watched my friends getting their blood transfused in a container. Sigh.

The least I can do is take some photos of ours! :D And have some fun with my friends!

1 comment:

Ellen said...

Same here.. I they rejected me from donating my blood because of my weight. I'm disappointed because my blood pressure is normal during that day.