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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wanted To Be In Baguio City This Summer...

Geez! I can definitely feel the summer time now! It's so hot! I don't feel like going out even if I have to. The heat is definitely on! Grr!

I really don't like it that much if it's this hot. I can't get proper sleep and I always crave for soda which is unhealthy.

All I really wanna do right now is to go to Baguio City to experience cool weather. I have a friend who lives there who keeps inviting me to come over to her place. I just didn't have time to do so. I would love to experience Baguio City again. The cold breeze, the green pastures. I just love it there. I would love to be at Camp John Hay wearing a pair of breeches and go horse back riding! That would be so much fun.

Unfortunately, I can't be anywhere else yet. I still have a week to go to work. Besides, I'd be out of budget if I go there. I have to prioritize my homecoming for my cousin's wedding this 30th of April. I might be able to squeeze the Baguio City trip in May, I hope!

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