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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Work Dilemma

I have been having a dilemma with my job lately. I feel like I didn't learn anything from the training. I often think about quitting my job but whenever I go back to my work, my issues on my orders seemed to get resolved. It's just so hard especially when everyone in the production floor are very busy with their own orders. I can't ask anyone to help me with my problems. And then I'd feel frustrated again. I will have to call our American colleagues to help me out. I wish I should have been very attentive during our training.
I'm actually giving this job a month or so to check whether or not I'd be staying longer. The workload isn't that stressful. The only problem is, I'm still learning pretty much everything about my job. If ever I won't be able to reach my expectation to myself, I might check some jobs online like that of charlotte jobs. I'd better have get a job to fall back at in case I decided to quit. :D

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