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Friday, May 27, 2011

Rainy Days And A Final Job Interview

It's raining outside. I guess the typhoon Chedeng hasn't left our country yet. Although it's raining cats and dogs here lately, the weather temperature does not seem to be cold. And yet summer is almost over.

I just wanna mumble because I can't sleep. I just got home from my final job interview. It was a phone patch with the American interviewer, Mark. He's seemed very kind over the phone. I keep getting good comments from him every now and then during interview. I hope I'd get a positive feedback about what just happened. I'm hoping to get the job. Money is already running out. LOL! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

My Mom is sleeping like a child right now. I'll be creeping in bed beside her later. I hope she won't wake up very early or else I'll not get enough sleep again today. :D

I hope it's not gonna rain anymore later today. My Mom wants us to go out. I need to take her to where she'll not get bored. She's gonna be around until June 5. I hope we won't quarrel a lot. :D

I need to get some rest now. Goodnight or good day every one!

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