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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Excited For Palawan Trip This Weekend!

I'm excited about this coming weekend. I thought I won't be able to go with Raquel, Michelle and Jon because of my new job. But... lo and behold! I asked permission from my very nice supervisor for a vacation leave and she approved it! Yahoo! I'll be out of town this weekend, off to the beautiful land of Puerto Princesa, Palawan! I'm really so excited right now!

At last, I'll be reunited with the couple Michelle and Jon with of course, the good friend of ours, Raquel. I'm pretty sure I will definitely have a great time with them!


Lainy said...

San na ang pics nyoo bang? Cant wait to see them!

ally said...

naa pa kay aking og michelle te... most of the nice pictures nasa cam nila. I have to wait for them pa, hehehe