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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finally Solitary After A Long Day!

It's been a long day today! It's amazing because I've done a lot of things today and I can't believe I've done all that in just one day.

First, I woke up early this morning to participate in Jose Rizal's 150th birthday celebration. Jose Rizal is our national hero. Commemorating his birthday is not really a bad idea. It was intended to be a "fun run" but it was raining cats and dogs so my Church friends and I didn't stay longer at the Luneta Park. We still have to attend to our Church obligations so we went home early.

Second, I was able to do my Church obligations and attended Church service. It's always nice to be able to hear God's words even though the weather isn't that good today. I went back to Church in the afternoon to participate in pagpapahid ng langis (anointing). I have been sick lately and I believe that God is the Almighty Healer. He's taken away my sickness. And I really felt so lightheaded after being smeared with oil.

Third, after the ceremony, I had a meeting with Church friends at an apartment. We had an open forum which actually hasn't ended yet and we are going to have to resume on some other day. We had dinner at the same house. It was just a simple dinner but it was really fun!

Now I'm back in my room, I'm back in my solitary. I like it this way. After a long day, it's finally peace and quiet!

I really had a great day today. Thank You, Lord for this day! :)

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