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Saturday, June 18, 2011

For Kiddo...

Dear Kiddo,

I still think about you. Not that I'm in love with you. I'm thinking about why I somehow have these feelings that I feel for you when you're such a kid. I've been trying to be rational all the while and I have conquered that supposed "feelings".

I know you're being just a kid and I forgive you for that. Thanks for the memories and the friendship. We can still be friends and act like what we used to be. I know it won't be easy for me but I'll try to. I'm a matured woman and I can just brush it off.

I hope you can read and understand all these. I bet you wouldn't. I know you just want to live your young life and be a kid. LOL! Thanks for somehow making me feel special. :D


isp101 said...

Who's Kiddo?! Chismoso lang, Hehehe! =)

ally said...