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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gettting Money Out Of Junk

I'm amazed at how some people make a living out of someone else's trash. I have heard a lot of stories about people getting rich because of those things that we consider junk.

Lately, I've been watching Storage Wars at the Bio Channel. It's funny how the guys fight to bid for a storage unit which someone hasn't claimed back. They didn't know yet what are inside those units but they are willing to spend some money and take the risk. Some of them are successful, others went home with regrets. Some were lucky enough to make a lot of money to antique stuffs that are in the unit like a bunch of old coins, watch, rifle scopes even appliances that are expensive enough to sell.

I wonder if someone does that here in the Philippines. I guess not. No one has thought of a storage business here in my country. Well, I haven't seen one so far. :)

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