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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let Me Hold Your Hand

It's been more than a week that my Mom was here with me. I've been busy this week but I often think of her. I wonder how she's doing. I can't reach her on her phone because I think she didn't charge her phone again. Sometimes I ask myself if I made the right decision of staying here in Manila. And that what makes me feel guilty sometimes, like right now.

When my Mom was here, I love the feeling of being taken care of. Since I was very busy, she was the one who cooked, fixed my clothes and she also did my laundry. She never did that before. When we were young, we take care of ourselves and her because she has to go to work. Maybe she just didn't have anything else to do when she was here that's why she did all that. Nevertheless, I was happy about it.

But then she was counting the days when she's gonna go home. She missed her busy life back in the province. LOL! My Mom can't live a life without stress.

We agreed that she's going to take another vacation here sometime soon. I'm gonna make it up to her on her next vacation.

Last week, while I was looking at our pictures and decided to post this note on Facebook which I entitled "Let Me Hold Your Hand":

I remember when I was a little girl, you used to hold my hand to make sure I won't fall or slip or be left behind and get lost. Now it's time for me to hold your hand and make sure you're okay. We can take a little rest if you say you're tired of our walk but I'll keep holding your hands to make sure you won't slip or fall or be left behind.

I love you, Nanay! Thanks for the wonderful time that we spent together! I miss you...

Now I miss holding her hand while we're walking. I love the feeling of being the one making sure she's not gonna fall or slip or be left behind on our walk. I wish I can do that again sometime soon. I really miss you, Mother Dear!

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Russ said...

That is so nice. I am glad you have your mom my mom passed away. I miss her.