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Monday, June 13, 2011

Pre-Employment And Procrastination

I wasn't able to get enough sleep last night. I woke up early today to take care of some pre-employment requirements. I made a checklist of what else I have missing for pre-employment requirements. There's still a lot to accomplish.

I still have to get a fit-to-work certificate for my medical illness history. I had tuberculosis before and the scar on the upper left lobe of my lungs is there forever. So when I had my medical exam last week, the result showed the scar and I need to get a certificate telling my new employer that I don't have that illness anymore. Sigh. This just gets tiring. The doctor that I'll be asking for the certificate will be at her clinic tomorrow morning. I will have to wait and process all the other requirements tomorrow then. I just want to procrastinate, I guess. And I have to budget the extra money I have left. :)

Time for me to go back to sleep. Yeah right, procrastination at its best, again.

Have a great Tuesday everyone! :)

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