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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shopping And Money's Worth

Like all the other women, I love shopping. It makes me feel relaxed especially if I get stressed out at work or if there's something that bothers me. I love shopping but not to the extent of spending every bit of my money without thinking about my money's worth. I'm not the typical shop-til-you-drop kind of girl. Besides, I don't have that much to spend anyway. :D

Shopping for me is more like an investment. I have to make sure that I get my money's worth from whatever stuff I buy from malls or online. I make sure that the quality of the product I purchase is worth the price. Just like purchasing bags. I very seldom buy bags, even if they're not that expensive. I have to make sure that I'd be able to use it in any occasions or even just for an ordinary day. Designer line like that of marc by marc jacobs is a good example of an investment since they offer authentic and distinctive designs.

For someone like me who wants to look forever youthful, I am so enticed about purchasing one of marc jacobs handbags. I am actually eying one that's available online right now. Their designs from clothing to accessories to handbags are really cool yet sophisticated.

Right now, I'm really tight on my budget. I'm gonna be back from being shopaholic when I get my first paycheck! I'm now excited about going back to work and be able to get myself back in track into the shopping world! :)

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