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Friday, July 8, 2011

Excited About My First Pay Check

My most awaited day for this coming week is pay day! :D In just a few days, I'll be receiving my first pay check. I'm really excited. After few months of being jobless, I finally will be able to receive the fruits of my few days of labor. :D It's not that much yet but I'm hoping it's gonna be enough for me to survive for another 15 days. Sometimes I wish I've been employed at my current employer for quite a while now so I can ask for a payday loans because there are a lot of bills to pay. Well, I guess I'm gonna have to wait.

For now, I better stick to my budget for me not to run out of money before the pay day. I have to promise myself not to spend for something that I don't really need!


Lainy said...

Congratz Bangskie! Paburger naman dyan! :-)

BTW, paki-edit ng blog url ko for ASS Bang. Di na yan OJTF. narin ang link.

Tenks! Mwah!

manila real estate said...

Maybe you should cut on your expenses and go the extra mile and do cost-saving solutions. Sometimes, in order to survive the big city, you've got to crawl your first steps.

Payday Loans said...

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