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Monday, July 18, 2011

Friendship In A Mist

I'm feeling so sad, I feel like I lost a friend.
It's never the same, it feels like the end.
I never wanted us to be this way
I never expected that you'd turn and walk away.

I thought we can just rekindle what we used to have
An opportunity to be happier we won't have to grab
We're so scared of complications we didn't move forward
Coz we thought falling in love will just be too hard

But we're not even friends anymore
How can this be so hurtful?
I have moved on
and thought forgetting you is simple

I don't miss the hugs and kisses
I just miss the laughter and bliss
I think I better content myself
With the memories of our friendship that's seemed to be lost in the mist

I wrote this poem just now. It says everything about how I'm feeling at the moment... Sigh! I should have known better. :(


Good Filipino said...

I like it.. nice poem

ally said...

@Good Filipino,

Thanks! :)