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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Love My Job, So Far... :)

I like my new job! I like the office environment. The people there are friendly and my boss isn't in a hurry to have me finish my training yet. Everything is just smooth sailing. Although I'm learning a lot from reading everything about the company and its products.

I like how the employees over my new company love their jobs. A lot of them are working there for years now. And I didn't hear anyone complain about how stressful their jobs are. They don't seem stressed out at all. They even have the time to browse the internet and check on the latest gadgets online. I even heard one of my colleagues say, "where can I buy a ps3 keyboard?" while she's browsing on some gadgets online.

I can just smile and can really say that where I'm working at right now is way different from the previous companies I worked with. I can even eat on my own desk anytime I want! :)

It doesn't take an online HR degree to see this company values its people and has great PHR certification.

I think I made the right choice in choosing to be part of this company! :)

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jobs manila said...

"I didn't hear anyone complain about how stressful their jobs are." That's a rare find. Even for good companies, there are tons of people complaining about what they do. This only shows how great your new job is. Enjoy your life and have fun!