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Sunday, July 31, 2011

S-I-L's Going To UAE

I fetched my sister-in-law at the airport earlier today. She's going to stay here in my place just for tonight because she's gonna be on her way to United Arab Emirates tomorrow. She's going to work there as a Nurse. I can just imagine the sadness that my brother feel right now. This is going to be the first time that him and his wife are gonna be miles apart. He's left to take care of their only son, Brandon, who was lately been suspected of autism. We all hope it's just delay on his speech development. Brandon is now being treated and hopefully my Mom and my brother would be able to see some more development in Brandon.

It's gonna be hard for Mary Joy to be very far away from her family. I hope she would be able to make it over there. I hope she will overcome the homesickness. The good thing about where she's going to work at is that she's allowed to go home every year. At least she'll be able to see her family after a year. Time passes by so fast. If she's going to concentrate on her work, the next thing she'll know is that she's gonna be home-sweet-home again with Baby Brandon and my little brother.

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