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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wattaday!!! :(

I already wasn't feeling well at the office the whole shift earlier. When it was time to go home, I was in hurry to catch the first train so I won't be late for Church service this morning. I can hardly breathe because of my flu during the service. And when I was on my way home, I realized I left my set of keys at the office. So I had someone destroy my door lock so I can get into my room. Sigh! Why am I so clumsy today? I'm still waiting for someone to fix my door lock. I still have to go to the bank but I can't leave my house yet. Whattaday! LOL! This is just awesome! I hope I won't get into anymore trouble today. :)


isp101 said...

All things works together for our good! Cheer up, God loves you! God bless! =)

ally said...

hey isp101!

Thanks for the comment! oo nga, mahal nga ako ng Diyos! hehehe... God bless din po! :)

Lainy said...

OO nga, what an awesome day for you, LOL!