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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Welcoming Baby Keon!

Baby Keon

I was at Bulacan yesterday to visit a good friend of mine, Caryl, who delivered a baby boy a few weeks back. I went with some other friends of ours on the previous company I worked for. It was really fun to have seen Caryl looking great and finally have become a full time Mom. I also met her ever cuddly niece who has been very hyper when we got to their house. Caryl said he's naturally a hypertensive child even when there are no visitors around. They're hoping Kurt isn't showing an ADHD symptom, or else they're gonna have to spend for ADD ADHD Drug Treatment Centers. :D

Kurt and I

Caryl and her in-laws prepared special delicacies for our visit. We were so touched and were already hungry when we got to their home. After a few chitchats, we are the sumptuous meal prepared for us! The kare-kare was really delicious that I ate a lot. Not basically my normal meal! LOL!

The Gang

And the sumptuous meal!

Yesterday's visit was indeed fun. I'm so glad to see the little Baby Keon. I hope to see more of him hopefully be a part of his growing up! :D


Lainy said...

Uy! Worth it naman pala ang travel di lang dahil sa new bundle of joy, pati na rin sa dami ng foods, LOL!

ally said...

Tama! sira ang diet! hehehe... pero ok lang!