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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Being 28 Doesn't Make Me Feel Old

Whenever I'm asked of my age, I always reply with "What do you think?". I'm always curious of how old people see me. I often get an age range of 23-26. I don't know if they're being honest or just being kind but I feel flattered most of the time. Haha! Then I tell them how old I really am and most of them gets surprised learning that I'm already 28 years old. Those who often ask are guys who are a lot younger than me. :)

I really don't feel old. Whenever I'm with younger friends, sometimes I forget about my age and act like a teenager. It's fun! I like having fun and mingle with the younger ones. I really don't bother acting like a child. That's one thing about me that I don't ever want to lose - the child in me.

Some of my friends ask me why I don't even have a boyfriend. They say, I'm supposed to have one and think about settling down because I'm not getting any younger. I just tell them I'm not in a hurry. I won't get married just because I'm being pressured of my age. Mr. Right just hasn't arrived yet. If ever he comes along and ask me to marry him and offer me a ring from, I'd probably say YES!

Nah! Why bother to think about that now? I still love my single blessedness and enjoy whatever I am right now! I'm still young! Being 28 doesn't make me feel old yet! :)

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