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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Work At Emerson! :)

If you're to ask me how my work is going so far, I'd say - So far sooooo good! I love my job! I really like it compared to my previous jobs. LOL! I've said this a lot of times already. I just feel so lucky and blessed for being able to work at Emerson! Yeah! I said it! I work as a customer service representative at Emerson Electric (Asia), Ltd. And I'm so proud of it! :)

In my about 2 months of stay, there are already a lot of things I learned about Emerson. It's actually a manufacturing and technology company that offers a vast array of products and services globally. :)

My colleagues are cool. They're fun to be with. Some have a little bit of an "attitude" but I can deal with them. My bosses are nice and accommodating and doesn't give me a hard time on my probationary stage at the company. My trainings are not too hard and not stressful at all. I just love it there!

I guess I'll stay at Emerson for a while. :)


Lainy said...

Bakit ngayon mo lang yan nadiskubre ang Emerson bang? Di sana di ka nastress and nagkasakit tulad nong sa dati mong employer.

Glad you're enjoying your stint at that company. Sana di magbago ang isip at damdamin, hahaha!

ally said...

hehehe... I think this is it na. I'm really liking it there.

Sana nga noon ko pa nadiskubre ang Emerson...