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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Praying For SIL's Safety At UAE

Mary Joy, my sis-in-law arrived safely in United Arab Emirates 2 weeks ago. As soon as she got there, she sent me a text message and we were also able to chat because one of her room mates, thankfully, owns a computer. I'm glad to know that she was safe over there.

Mary Joy is now working as a nurse out there. I'm not really sure if she's going to be attending to patients who are elderly or if she will also take care of the younger ones. Like babies, I know it's a more difficult to take care of the sick and elderly. She don't need to just bring them medicines but for sure, she's also gonna take charge of replacing stuffs bought by the hospital which are incontinence products at I can just imagine how hard yet rewarding it is being a nurse.

I just hope she doesn't get depressed for being faraway from her family. I keep sending her text messages, I know my brother does too, just to let her know that she's being remembered here. I hope she prays and holds on to her Faith so that she will get the best comfort from God. I keep praying for her safety over at UAE. I know time will just pass us by and the next thing we know is that she's gonna be with her family again, back home, here in the Philippines.

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