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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hoping To Comfort A Friend

One of my friends is going through rough times recently. She and her husband are not in good terms right now. They're not yet separated but she's planning to move out together with her son as soon as she gets a job. Her son is already 5 years old, big enough for her to put him in an uppababy vista stroller when she gets out of their house. She won't have a hard time bringing her son with her anymore since he's a big boy now.

I really feel bad about her situation. They've been married for more than five years. I can't believe it's so easy for them to ruin what they had.

I haven't visited my friend yet and haven't known the story behind the break up. I can feel she's devastated but trying real hard to hide the pain she's going through. I wish I have the time to be with her and somehow comfort her. I hope I can find the time soon enough.

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