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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Money And Budgeting

For ordinary employees like myself, we are always excited about pay-days. We work hard for 8 hours a day and for 5 days in a week. Always looking forward to the next payout. When we get our pay, that's when we do budgeting because most of us, our salary is just enough to pay the bills, allowances and some other personal stuffs.

I always have a problem with sticking to my budget. Whenever need arises, sometimes I can't follow whatever I have written down on a piece of paper for budgeting. That's why, even though I'm single, I can't add some money to my savings account because I can't seem to help myself from spending.

I think I better cut down some unnecessary expenses so I can save some of my money. I don't want to be begging money from my Mom if ever I get sick or for whatever reason. If I'd be able to save or invest my money into something worth it like investing for annuities online, I'll be able to earn some more and save myself from poverty. LOL!

I don't want to regret in the future, that's all. :)

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