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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Great Food And Awesome Workmates

My colleagues at Emerson love to eat. One of them often bring home-cooked meals at the office whenever her Mom, who by the way makes really delicious food, is in the mood to cook. It's just funny because whenever I get a taste of the food that my colleague bring, I always tell her that she's so lucky to have a Mom that cooks very well.

There are also instances that my colleagues eat out after work. They usually go to fine dining restaurants just to satisfy their cravings. They normally talk about the restaurants that have good ambiance, have western charm and reclaimed wood dining table but are a bit costly. I don't think the price matter to them as long as they were able to eat good food.

I don't normally go out with them because I am watching my diet. I'm such a killjoy, aren't I? I hear them all say that whenever I decline their invitations. But I guess one day, I'll might go with them. I also want to be able to chat with them outside work. I know I'm going to have fun with these awesome colleagues. :)

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