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Monday, October 24, 2011

I Was Robbed! (I'll Miss My Dell Laptop) :(

I still feel numb whenever I think about the incident that happened yesterday. It was supposed to be a happy day because I got the chance to perform with the Malibay Christian Chorus and actively participated in our Church's event - Musikang Atin. I had that smile on my face thinking that after a day full of excitement and fun, I'd be able to reach my place and get a good night's sleep.

Just when I opened our boarding house's main gate, my boyfriend and I were stunned when we saw my door widely open and the light in my room turned on. How could it happen when I made sure I kept my door locked before I left in the morning? I rushed to my doorstep without even thinking twice. I just needed to see for myself to confirm that I was robbed. I didn't even think if that burglar was still inside my house or not.

Much to my dismay, what was left on my computer table where my landline and pieces of coins which, I guess, were intentionally left by the thief to further insult me. He took away my purple Dell laptop computer. The thief also got my wallets with atm and identification cards in them. One of those wallets were given by a good friend of mine which I kept for years already.

It was my first time to get robbed. Now I know how it feels like to have something I worked hard for to be taken away from me. I had my laptop for about 3 years now. It has been my companion in my solace and despair. Sometimes it's the first to know when I'm happy. It's actually the first thing I turn on when I get home from work so I can update my status on Facebook and update my personal blogs. It has become sort of my companion for years.

Now it's gone, although I'm hoping to get it back. But I'm already losing that hope. I've reported it to the police but I haven't heard back from them.

I remember my boyfriend kept warning me about changing my door lock. That it would be easy for a thief to break in my room if I won't listen to him. Now I realized I should have changed it, I should have listened to him. It's too late for that, I guess.

I just look at the bright side of what have transpired. I mean worse could have happened if my boyfriend and I caught the thief in the act. Who knows, that perpetrator could have a knife or some deadly weapon in his possession. He wouldn't be brave enough to break in a house in broad daylight without a weapon to defend himself in case he gets caught, right? Anyway, God will be the one who knows what to do with that person. I'll just leave it all to Him.

My family, except Lainy, didn't know about what happened to me. I don't want them to get worried about me anyway. I'll tell them in time. For now, I'll content myself in doing my online chores in web cafes again until I'll have enough money to buy for a new laptop.

No matter how traumatic the experience was, I just keep one simple thought: Even though I'm robbed with material possessions, I'm still thankful I'm alive and able and happy to know that I got friends who care for me and a boyfriend who loves me sincerely. Best of all I have the Almighty Father who continues to comfort me even in this worry-some days of my life. I'll get over this sooner.


NovaS said...

I'm so sorry to hear what happened...the important is you and your bf were not there when the incident happens... we can find those materials back, but harming ones life is incomparable... I do hope that the police will find that person...even if you won't get your materials back, putting them behind bars will help others to be safe....hope you are okay...

Lainy said...

Hayy! Sad naman Bang pero OK lang yan basta may nagmamahal :-)

Keep the love burning! Mwah!

honey said...

Hala! katakot nman nyan bang.. sorry about that.. haaisst. some people are just born evil.. :(

But OK lang yn bsta inlove.. :)..

ally said...

Hi guys!

Thanks for your concern I'm well and good and have gotten over my loss. :D ipon na lang ulet for new laptop. It won't be soon for sure tho. :)