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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Am But A Damsel In Distress

According to Wikipedia: The subject of the damsel in distress, or persecuted maiden, is a classic theme in world literature, art, and film. She is usually a beautiful young woman placed in a dire predicament by a villain or a monster and who requires a hero to dash to her rescue.

Yeah, I feel like a Damsel In Distress lately. I'm going through difficult situations. Or maybe I just worry too much these past few days.

My brother haven't updated me yet about the lump that they discovered on my Mother's chin. The last time I asked my brother about my Mom's visit to the doctor, that was 2 days ago, he said she kept moving her appointment with her doctor. Talking about a stubborn Mom. I can't help myself but worry whenever I think about my Mom's situation. I hope she gets negative results on her medical check up.

My other predicament is about some people at Church who keeps getting into my nerve lately. People I don't want to deal with but can't think of any way to not have to come across their path. They keep bugging me even if I ignore them. Sigh. I really hope they'd just get tired of making my life difficult. I don't want to deal with these bullies because I might just say something I might regret. That's why it's better off to ignore them.

I really feel exhausted. Sometimes I'm thinking about getting away and just take time to relax. Somewhere far from where I live right now. I think I miss my family.

I hope I can get over these predicament soon. I better confide with my Hero, my Father in Heaven, to rescue me and take my worries away.

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