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Monday, November 21, 2011

Rainy Tuesday Morning

I got no umbrella for a rainy morning! :( How will I be able to get home without getting soaked in the rain this time? I'm still at the office right now and I heard some colleagues say that the rain is pouring hard outside right now. I thought the weather is just gonna be fine today so I didn't care to bring my handy-dandy umbrella last night. And all I want to do right now after my shift is to get home as soon as possible and hit the sack. I'm too sleepy to even care to check the weather outside the glass window.

Let's all hope I won't get sick if I decide to walk or run in the rain later on. Or else I'd be seeing the company nurse again who always wear comfortable scrubs like that of Marcus nursing scrubs, and ask for some medicines from her. I'm one of those sickly employees who often visit the nurse station lately so she kind of recognizes me already and doesn't fail to say, "It's you again!" whenever I come in to get some meds.

Well, I guess this is what I get for being stubborn and lazy about carrying my umbrella. I hope the rain will just stop and let me get home safely and, well, not soaking wet.

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