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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thank You, Thanksgiving Day! :)

One more shift to go and I'm going to have the longest weekend for this year! :) It's going to be Thanksgiving Day in the United States tomorrow and, thankfully, we at Emerson are also going to get our holiday off until Friday of this week! Although I wouldn't be going anywhere anyway, I'm just glad to be able to stay at home for 4 days straight, spend more time at Church and maybe spend some special time with my special someone! Isn't that great? LOL! And of course, get enough sleep and take advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday!

How I wish I have enough money whenever this kind of vacation come my way though. Maybe travel to a place where I can relax and have fun with friends or go home to the province and spend time with my family. All of a sudden I miss them. Sigh. I haven't told my Mom I won't be home for the holidays yet.

Anyway, I better be ready for this kind of vacation next year. I'll make sure to make my holidays memorable next time! :) For now, I'm still thankful for Thanksgiving Day!


Lainy said...

Uy! Long weekends off pala, Bang. Buti naman. magdate nalang kayo ni palalabas mo hehe!

ally said...

nyaha! dami gawain te. walay panahon mg date2x! hahaha!

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