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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gaining Weight And Not Liking It

Gosh! I am really gaining weight and I don’t like it! Sigh! If I can just stay slim without having to do exercises and eat without hesitation. Life would just be too easy that way, wouldn’t it? LOL!

I ate a lot of food on my shift last night. I bought a rice-in-a-box meal to fill my hunger before the start of my shift last night. Later did I know that my bosses ordered a boxed meal from Shakey’s and also prepared Starbucks coffee for each one of us. I already ate some of the food in the box and still thinking if I will have to eat the remaining pizza and spaghetti or give it away. What a dilemma! :D

I still have a lot of things to accomplish today. I hope I could still get enough sleep when I get home.

One more day and it’s weekend again! It’s amazing how time flies by. I hope we will have a great Friday and a fun weekend!

Take care ya’ll! :D

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