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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Go For Career Advancement!

I just fill out a personal assessment form here at work few minutes ago. I felt exhausted when I was done with it. Of course, it's like filling up a resume that I still have to sell myself to my bosses. That I did a great job while I was in my probational period. Hopefully it will help me become a regular employee.

I remember just last week, there was a cascaded email to everybody about a higher job position. I wasn't interested right away because I'm not yet qualified. I wonder if the workload is like Case Management Manager Jobs which gives the lucky one higher salary. How would I know when I've already deleted the email when I got it. I didn't even care to read the attachment.

If ever I'll stay longer here at Emerson, I might try my luck on higher positions that's going to be offered to us. Who knows I'll get lucky enough and get the career advancement that I so want to achieve!

Well, it's a long way ahead though. I can wait and do my best at my present job!

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