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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Hair That Looked The Same To Him

I spent more than 4 hours in a salon yesterday to have my hair done. I was with my friend, Irene. I just realize Irene and I do a lot of things together in the past few months. We get along pretty well and sort of become like sisters. :D Irene is a really good friend. And she’s really fun to be with that’s why I opt to spend a lot of time with her. Our friendship actually began when we got acquainted at Church. It was when I asked her to help me out on some Church duties. And then we clicked! Well, I’ll make a separate post about our friendship sometime soon.

Back to having my hair-done. I am really not patient in salons. Good thing I was with Irene. We didn’t get bored while waiting for hours to get our hair Rebonded. Like the usual, we had a lot to talk about to kill the time. Too bad I didn’t bring my digital camera with me and we also didn’t think about taking before-and-after pictures of ourselves anyway.

I still have long hair. I thought about having it styled but the stylist who handled my hair convinced me to retain my long straight hair. As for me, as long as it doesn’t look dry and damaged anymore, I’m okay with it.
Just like I thought, my unsupportive- child-boyfriend didn’t realize I had my hair done when he saw me last night. When he knew about, he said it looked all the same to him. Or maybe he’s just not that appreciative. I’ll forgive him still. :D

When I got in the office, my colleagues didn’t notice my newly-Rebonded hair, either. Maybe my boyfriend is right. My hair, because of the length, just looked the same as before. I’ll better think of a nice style on my next visit to the salon 2 or 3 months from now.

Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy my crowning glory, my long straight hair! :D

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