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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pushing Friends Away? :(

I’ve been a pain in the a$$ to my friend, Irene, these past couple of days. Something just pissed me off on Monday afternoon which is not about her but it was because of somebody else or maybe it was just me and my wrong assumptions. I was really hot-headed that day that when something went not according to how I wanted things to happen, I ended up crying in my room and did not attend to the activity that Irene and I were supposed to take care of. I left it all to her which I feel guilty about when I came to my senses yesterday.

This is what happens when I worry too much. My Mom was sick on Monday. My brother brought her to the hospital so she can take a rest because she doesn’t give herself time to rest when she’s at home. At the same time, I worry about being broke during holiday season and I feel bad about not being able to see my folks on New Year’s Eve.

I’m such a mellow-dramatic fool. I just hope that Irene won’t get mad at me for what happened. I keep pushing people away when in fact these friends of mine are like family to me now. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I hope they’d still forgive me for acting strange and stubborn lately. I have disappointed her and some of our friends. I hope I can still make it up to them.

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