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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where To Spend My New Year's Eve?

Holidays are coming but I still don’t know how I’m going to spend it. I won’t be home for Christmas or New Year ’s Eve because I don’t have enough money to spend for my plane ride home. It would be very expensive especially this time of the year.

I miss my folks back in the province though. This is not the first time that I won’t be spending the upcoming holidays with them but I really feel that it’s important to be with the family during this season. Sigh.

I miss hearing my Mom’s voice even if it’s irritating sometimes. I miss my favorite sweet Aunts - Tita Rose and Tita Almeda and my cousins. I miss hearing them laugh and chat loudly with each other even if it gets annoying sometimes. LOL! I miss my brothers whom I sneak off and puff cigars with without letting our Mom know and talk about our lives for a little while. Ah! Even if we don’t stand each other most of the time, family is still family, you know.

I know I’m getting mellow-dramatic again. I just haven’t seen them for a while now. How I wish I’m a rich girl who can afford to go home anytime I want.

Anyway, my boyfriend already invited me to spend the New Year’s Eve with his family. I’m thinking twice about going though. I’m friends with his family and I’m okay with them, I guess. Just thinking about it makes me feel anxious already because it’s going to be my first time to spend the New Year’s Eve with a boyfriend and his family.

Nah! I am yet to make up my mind. :)

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