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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Better Me On 2012

It may seem that I ended my year broken hearted because of my previous post but don’t worry guys, I’m fine and feeling much better. Kido and I agreed to stay as friends and enjoy our company with each other until he figures out what he really wanted. Like I said in the previous post, he needed time to grow up. I just don’t think I can wait long enough. I got to be honest, I’m still hoping but I know myself better. I’ll just wait until I get tired which I know will not take much longer.

Anyway, I want to start a happy post this year. Let me tell you that I had fun spending time with Kido’s family on New Year’s Eve. I know it's funny. Yeah, I was there! :D I love his family. And I feel very much part of it already. Kido and I still looked like we’re a couple. His family didn’t have any idea that we’re not together anymore. I don’t know how they will feel if they’d know about what happened between us. I’ll leave it all to Kido. It wasn’t I who broke it off anyway.

Although I’m hoping that we’re going to be together again, I also have my own plans in case it will not happen anymore. I can make a new beginning – a much stronger me. I won’t look for somebody new after Kido. I’ll give myself another chance to enjoy being single again and make future plans without someone else. I’m used to this anyway. I’ve been independent for years. So I know that I’ll survive this heartbreak. :)

This year, I’m hoping to be happier. Even if I have to live alone again. I hope there will be better opportunities for me. I’ll focus on my career and my Church obligations and just enjoy life. I might go home to the province twice this year. I miss my family.

This year should be a new beginning for me. It's gonna be a better me on 2012! To find someone to love? I think I better wait until I’m ready.

Happy New Year guys!

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