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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Go For Extra Hours At Work!

I went to work 2 hours early today. I was requested to come in early because most of my team mates went to a town hall meeting and I have to cover for them. I wasn’t alone though. It was alright with me because it’s an addition to my pay. I won’t bother selling lots of industrial bearings and other industrial parts that we offer as long as I get the pay that I deserve. :) And just like what I kept on saying on this blog about the job that I do, it really isn’t so stressful. So it’s alright to put in extra hours at work.

I forgot to tell you all, one of the good things that happened to me before the year 2012 started was when I became a regular employee here at Emerson! I was so happy to get good feedback from my supervisor. It motivated me to work harder and do better with my scorecard.

I really like it here. I don’t have plans of moving out of this company yet. I think I’m staying here for a while. :)

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