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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Joey And Her Talents

One of my colleagues is very talented when it comes to writing songs and novels. She’s a voracious reader that’s why she’s got a creative mind. She sometimes makes me hear some songs that she’d written and they really are good songs. I’ve been telling her to put it in a demo and submit it to somebody who produces albums for singers here in the Philippines. The thing is, she don’t know anyone from the music industry. So I’m one of those in the office who’s fortunate to get to hear her lovely compositions. I haven't read the articles she wrote yet but I've been encouraging her to blog so that I'll have the chance to read what she has to say. It's her only chance to get her stories published publicly, anyway.

She also makes personalized bracelets which she offers as gifts to her friends. I have been asking her to make one for me but she said she didn’t have the time nowadays. I hope she’d be able to make one for me on my birthday or else I will have to ask her to shop online for bracelets! LOL! What a threat!

Her name is Joey. She’s funny yet moody sometimes but I like her. Her talents (writing and creating bracelets) are one of those that I so wanted to acquire for myself. I wish I’m a good writer as well and that I can learn to create lovely bracelets too. It’s going to take some time to be able to learn all that.

For now, I’ll wait for my birthday to come and get a free bracelet by Joey! I will really appreciate it! :D

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