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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No More Ordinary Bus Ride!

You always never know what to expect in your day to day life. No matter how you hoped for a good day, there will sometimes be unwanted and unexpected circumstances that may happen.

I was on my way to work on a bus last night. I always prefer riding on an ordinary yet fast and life-threatening bus which isn’t air conditioned (and basically all its windows are open that if you left home with wet hair, you’ll get a free blow dryer! LOL!). The only advantage that I actually get from this kind of bus is that I don’t get late for work. So there I was, sitting just in front of the bus’ doorway when I saw 2 kids along the streets of EDSA Guadalupe about to throw mud that they placed in a small plastic bag and it went straight to the doorway of the bus where I was aboard. Damn those kids! Although I wasn't the unfortunate one who caught all the mud, it was just crazy to think that I’d be reporting to work looking so disgusting. Where were the parents of those kids by the way? Sigh! I can just imagine how they’re gonna be when they grow up. Poor kids!

Lesson learned from last night’s experience? Well, I think I need to refrain from riding on ordinary bus from now on. I will have to leave home earlier than the usual whether I like it or not. Or better yet hop on a train at the MRT station :D

Be safe everyone!

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