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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Replacement For Stolen Laptop Yet... :(

I still haven't bought a replacement of my stolen laptop yet. My money is not enough to buy for one of those laptops notebooks yet. I doubt that I can purchase a new one this year. I got a lot of other plans to spend my money.

But I'm actually thinking about buying a new laptop this year. It's so hard now owning one while maintaining blogs. Lainy actually asked me to handle several of her blogs because she needed to take a break. I gladly accepted it because it means I'll be able to earn some money out of those blogs of hers in addition to my 2 blogs.

Since I still don't have my own computer, I'm glad my boyfriend's sister allow me to use her laptop especially during the weekends. Using her laptop also means that I have to stay at their place until I'm done updating the blogs. I have more time to spend with Kido and his family. I love it! :)

I still hope to buy my own laptop in the near future.


Rovie said...

So sad to hear about your laptop Ally...

I know you will eventually get one in time.

Visiting and following you here...


Ally said...

Hey Rovie!

Thanks for dropping by!

Yeah, nag iipon pa for the new lappy...

God bless po! :)