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Friday, January 27, 2012

A Pretentious Samaritan

I had strange experiences this week. An experience that made me and my colleagues realize that we should not easily trust people even if they look normal. :D

I used to work with this woman. At first, I thought she's a good friend. But then, as time passed by, I realized she's not worth keeping as a "real friend". I discovered some strange attitude of hers. She would pretend that she's a good friend to help out especially in times of need. But then, she will eventually take something from you in return of her good deeds. She's the type of person you don't want to meet in the first place.

She's a big-fat liar. She lied about being robbed before Christmas Eve and then asked our manager for an Emergency loan. Since those kind of loans are only approved if it's a family emergency, she was right away denied of the loan. It only gets approved if someone in the family got hospitalized or if there's death in the family. Well, guess what? After a day or two, she sent a message to our manager saying that her son is in ICU and they needed blood donors. Without hesitation, our manager sent an email blast in the office and asked for anyone who could donate blood and extend help financially as well. An envelope was passed around in the office for us to put in some money for that woman's son. Most of us were already suspicious about what was going on. We did our own investigation and called the hospital where she said her son was confined. Nobody by her son's name was admitted in the ICU, the wards and even in the Emergency Room. When somebody was ready to donate blood the next day, she said her son has already recovered and that they were already sent home. Strange, isn't it?

Later, people at the office were talking about her already. We found out that she owe some of my office-mates big sum of money and that it looked like she was not planning to pay them. She kept making excuses to not report to work and that there's always a tragedy in her household.

The most weird thing she did was to go to the office on Tuesday night this week, pretended to be somebody else and asked for me at the reception. She used a different name. When I went down to see who was asking for me, the lady at the reception area said she already left. One of our colleagues saw her downstairs coming out of the building that same night. That's why we knew it was her who was asking for me at the reception. I wonder what she wanted with me.

I reported the incident to her manager. We have to be cautious of her this time. We don't know what she's capable of. She doesn't have access to the office anymore. I just hope she won't be bothering anyone of us in the office. Whenever I'm done with my shift at work, I make sure I got someone with me to accompany me on my way to the train station. Just to be safe. :D

I still kept wondering what this woman is up to. I just hope and pray she won't bother me anymore. Besides, I can't think of anything wrong that I did towards her while she was still working at the office. I was even nice to her.

Oh well, sometimes it's really hard to tell real Samaritans from the disguised ones. We just have to be careful with some people we don't really know. Don't believe in everything they say or show because those things could just be figments of their imagination. They will just try and earn your trust and eventually make your life miserable.

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Lainy said...

Pathetic, pretentious, crazy bitch! LOL!