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Monday, January 16, 2012

Suffered From Allergic Conjunctivitis

I once again suffered from allergic conjunctivitis last week. I went to work last Wednesday but was sent home because the nurse thought I had sore eyes. Also to avoid spreading the contagious ailment at work. I must have eaten something that I'm not supposed to eat. I went directly to Makati Medical Center's Emergency Room so I can get treatment for my itching eyes. I really looked aweful that night because the nurses looked very worried when I came in. My eyes were already sore and they both were bulging. I just couldn't help myself from scratching, that's why I can hardly open my eyes when I got to the hospital. I was given eye drops and was sent home right away.

I stayed at home the next couple of days. When my eyes were back to normal, I went to see an opthalmologist for a check up. I was told that I actually didn't suffer from sore eyes. That it was allergic conjunctivitis. I was told to set an appointment with an allergicologist to get proper treatment. I will have to do that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Ah! Procrastination, again. :D There's just a lot of things to accomplish today that's why I can't do it today.

Anyway, I'm supposed to be home an hour ago but I had to finish some pending work. Some technicians who have normal working hours are now doing their job checking some computers. They may be wondering why I'm still at the office. This isn't just an it company anyway so I think I'm still allowed to stay here for 30 more minutes. I'm waiting for the malls to open because I have to buy something that I just can't tell you guys yet! LOL! I'm actually excited.

I hope it's not too hot outside the office so I can go home not getting anxious of the weather.

I guess that's it for now. I hope we'll all have a great Tuesday! :D

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