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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Health Plan For My Mom After 65

I made my Mom my dependent on our health insurance at work. She made use of the health card whenever she gets confined in a hospital. I like it because it's always a great help whenever my Mom gets sick. The problem is, it's coverage is only for parents who are 65 years old and below. My mother is turning 65 next month. She won't be covered with the health plan anymore next year. I'm a bit worried about that.

I've been browsing the internet for a reliable health insurance company and found out about East Coast Health Insurance. They are the most trusted health insurance online which guarantees affordable plans and believes that insurance is a right, not a privilege. I like that! They got a toll free number: 888-803-5917 where you can get affordable health insurance quotes and answer all your questions about the health insurance you chose.

With every life threatening ailment or illnesses that goes with old age, I hope I can find that health insurance plan which will also cater people more than 65 years of age. In that way, I won't have financial problems if ever my Mom gets sick even if she's beyond 65 years old.


rona said...

Hi Ally! Glad to hear that. I like it when they say that insurance is a right and not a privilege. Tama yan at yan ang dapat na tumatak sa isip ng bawat Pilipino. Sad ako kasi my aunt who died from cancer just last September and she did not have any health insurance when she worked at different schools and was loyal to them! Sinabi na lang palagi ng aunt ko ganun talaga. Parang natakot pa sya kasi ayaw nyang tanungin yung school. Hay! It's a right and not a privilege! And you're a wonderful daughter for that gift para sa mom mo.

Well nagblog na naman ulit ako. Pasensya na. haha!

Thanks for visiting over my blog! Lito ako kung alin na ang kay Lainy at ang sayo. God bless! See you more around!


Ally said...

Hi rona,

Kawawa naman nangyari sa Aunt mo. Iba talga pag may insurance or health plan. It's a big help especially sa mga sickness. Di mo kasi alam ang panahon at ang mga posibleng mangyari. I hope your Aunt is okay na...

You're welcome po to comment anytime. Kahit nobela pa po gawin mo,hehe... Thanks for paying attention to what I write.

Ingat! :)