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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Try To Spend Time With My Guitar

I can't find the time to play my acoustic guitar anymore. My hands are always full with personal chores almost everyday of the week. When I get home, I'd just stare at my guitar. I can't dare to play it because I'd rather hit the sack. I'm always tired lately.

There are times that I miss being able to just chill at home and practice songs with my guitar. I just can't do that anymore. One of my friends is asking me if he can borrow my guitar for the meantime. I just can't say no but I really don't want to lend him my guitar. Although it's not a Squier type of guitar, I can't trust anyone else but myself in terms of taking care of my belonging. Besides, it's something that I really treasure.

I'll try to find time to play my guitar one of these days. There are a lot of beautiful songs that I wanted to play. I needed time to practice what I love to do the most once again.

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