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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Watch Will Have To Wait

I'm sick again. This time, I got swollen tonsils, cough and on/off fever. I hate going to the doctor because it will mean I will have to spend money for the medications. But I don't have a choice. :( I was planning to buy a good watch like that of citizen watch. I will have to postpone that. Tonsillitis can be deadly if it's not cured right away.

I have a friend who died recently because of tonsillitis. He's only 23 years old, an only child in his family. He self-medicated for 2 weeks and did not care to check with his doctor. It was too late for the doctors to save him when he was brought to the hospital. There were already complications on his internal organs. He died after few hours. I remember the last time I hang out with him was during my cousin Michelle's wedding. He was fun guy. Too bad he died at a very young age.

That is the reason why I'm pretty cautious about this ailment. Whenever I feel that my tonsils are swollen, I always check with my doctor to get proper medication which I will have to do after today's shift at work. The watch will have to wait. :)

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