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Monday, March 26, 2012

Cancelled Cebu/Bohol Trip

My boyfriend and I were supposed to be in Cebu right now. Our flight was scheduled yesterday and we were supposed to be meeting with my bestfriend Czarina, her daughter Czij and her boyfriend at the airport in Cebu. She was the one who booked the plane ticket for all of us on November of last year but since January, Jun and I have already decided not to come because we're not financially ready for the trip. Besides, Jun won't be allowed in his work place to be on vacation leave for a week. That's a very long vacation. I don't want to be on leave for that long as well. I don't want to go without him anyway. :)

It was supposed to be Jun's first plane ride. Too bad, we cancelled. But we both really don't feel regretful. We don't want to be going there with little money in our pockets. There will be a lot of "next times" anyway. And for that next time, we will make sure that we agree to the length of stay for that vacation and that when we will finally have our first trip together, we have enough money to spend.

The trip is just not the right time for us, I guess. :)

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