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Monday, March 19, 2012

I'll Be Home Soon

My family and relatives had a gathering last Sunday. It was for my Mother's birthday bash and my big brother, Alexander's celebration of being a policeman. He just graduated from his training and is now officially a law enforcement officer! I'm so proud of him!

A candid shot of my big brother - Alex

My dear cousin Lainy posted a lot of their photos in Facebook. Thanks dear cuz for doing that!!!

My Mom and the gumamela flower... lol!

I can't help but miss all of them all the more. Last week I was just thinking about coming home. I've been saving money for that, anyway. I wish I have silver bars to sell so that I have a lot of money to bring home.

I promise I'll be home soon!


Lainy said...

YW Bang. Thanks to a friend of Cha for lending us the DSLR cam, hehehe. So when are you gonna be home?

Ally said...

secret! hehehe... i'll let you know soon.