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Monday, April 9, 2012

Me? Getting Married? Not Yet! :)

Getting married is expensive. That's one of the many excuses/jokes I tell those people who ask why I'm still single. :D Why are they such in a hurry to see me in a wedding dress when I don't want to think of getting married yet?

Okay, here are the real reasons why I'm still single (haha! I don't really know why I have to tell you this!:)

1. No one has proposed to me yet, even my boyfriend! (He's too young to propose anyway and I don't want to force him. LOL! I want him to enjoy his young life first before getting into a very serious relationship. But I won't let him marry me when I'm over 40, though. Haha!

2. It's really expensive to get married nowadays. We can't afford it as of now. :D It's not like in the United States that women can wear simple wedding dresses and exchange vows with their husband just in front of a judge or a priest without inviting their loved ones and without a wedding reception. After a month or so, they get divorced. I don't want my marriage to end that way. Of course, I want my wedding to be memorable: in a Church, witnessed by family and friends. Even if it's not a very expensive wedding, I want it to be beautiful.

3. I still enjoy being single, seriously. I am not in a hurry to tie the knot. I just want to bide my time and enjoy my love life without rushing into marriage. I am not ready for the "Big" thing yet!

I hope people will just refrain from asking me silly questions about my single blessedness! :) I'm young and free and I am enjoying my life right now! I'm not getting married yet, okay? :D

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