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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A 40th Year For A Friend

What's up with turning 40? I still wonder why people get anxious about turning 40 when there's saying that goes,"Life Begins at 40".

I'm not turning 40 years old this year yet! LOL! I'd worry about that 10 years from now. :D It's a friend of mine who's birthday is coming soon. I keep hearing her say, "I am really getting old!". And would always reply, "Everyone is!". Ah! Her jitters gets annoying sometimes. But I can stand her.

I have no idea what my 40th birthday gifts for her would be. I just hope that whatever I'd decide to bring, it will make her happy. I also wish for her to stop worrying about getting old and just be happy that another year is being granted to her by the Almighty.

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