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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Been A While

I finally was able to find time to meet up with my cousin Michelle and her husband - Jon during our friend's - Quelly's birthday bash last Saturday. The birthday girl made a treat at a seafood restaurant which is just a few minutes away from where I live. That's basically the reason why I did not decline the invitation. :D

Anyway, it was a gathering of Quelly's professional friends. Women are chitchatting and laughing out loud while the boys, well, they talked about cars, car accessories, monro-matic plus shock absorber, some more car parts. Duh! Nothing but cars. LOL! I was just there, observing, chatting with my cousin Michelle once in a while and enjoy the delicious meal in front of me.

It's just different bonding with them this time. Maybe because there are other people besides us on that gathering. I hope we will find time to really chat on our next meet up.

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