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Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Friend's Complicated Story

A friend of mine just gave birth to a baby boy few days ago. She told me about it through text messages as soon as, I guess, she had the strength to let everybody know that she just delivered her first baby. Her boyfriend tagged me the pictures of the baby. And I thought to myself, "Well, the baby doesn't look like her ex-boyfriend."

She has been to a very complicated situation while she was pregnant.  The baby now even looked like her current boyfriend, thankfully. LOL! But just in case Mr. Ex appears and want to claim that the baby is his, him and the current boyfriend will have to take at home paternity test to check who really is the father of the new-born. Or better yet, Mr. Ex will have to leave my friend's baby alone. She and her baby deserve a peaceful life.

Either way, I'm happy for my friend. She finally gave birth to an angel.

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